Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Let me not

Let me not
I am the saline water in your pure wine
Let me not
I am the sand in  star-dust of your beauty
Let me not
I am the cracked pot of cup-bearer
Let me not

I promise

I promise
I won't drink anymore
the day after
other days of God

Rose water and Wine

Rose water 
I select my patched shoes 
to walk to you and to you

Season of rose

Season of roses
To the wine's drunkard
Have first sip of your part
Leave the rose water 
Here is the eyes full of bitter liquor
Season of roses
Have your part
Little less of patience
Little more of impatience
Leave patches of your dress
Have some sew at your heart's
Season of roses

Butterfly and Rainbow 

I was astonished
after seeing
butterfly begging rainbow
for colors
what a time of hopelessness
This resembles this
that sun begs the moon for light

Weightless heart

Weightless heart
Barefoot on snow
Numbness of eyes
Broken jar of wine
Tasteless art of a child
Caged rain of dark clouds
Vintage unopened love letter
Night full of dreams
Morning full of cold feelings of heartlessness

Your rude beauty

There is lack of honesty in color of  your eyes
there is sarcastic manner in every look of you
lips are deceptive in nature
hair is silky in behavior
everything is rude in you
I love to teach them some etiquette under trees of my love.

Lost colors of rainbow

You are the sun which introduced the moon to cold night of winter with bestowals of your pure light, You are the rays which gave life to nectar of chocolate cosmos and four o-clock and later honeybee gave life to sweet honey, honey gave sweetness of throat to lost child of widow.
You are so active particle that loves to participate for creation of every pulchritude creature in the universe.
You are those evaporated colors of rainbow in the galaxy and milky way otherwise how could be possible rainbow!
with 7 colors only?
You are the lost colors of rainbow my friend,
Have you lost your way to home or you are like colors of my eyes in search of colors combinations


If you see
a trace of patience in heart
burn me with sunset
poison me with your liquor


In absence of you
the clarinet, bassoon, sax and flute
where shameful of their naiveness
they were failed many times to make me chuffed


The time when moon went to the day
my heart as a starry night
became the aboe, cello and violin.

Sun and Moon

Appearance of moon at day
either insult for sun
affront for the night
night is lacking behind in love
as compared to day
maybe sun's light became too dim
can't hide face of moon
moon fell in love with fragrance of wild roses of spring
and night causes hindrance
that is why came for day only to see those roses of heaven
by sun's begged light.
I love this story of hopelessness.


When I was hummingbird
nectar was enough for my drunkard
now I need something less
something more
little less
little more
make me drunk for decades

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let me 

Let me
there is trace of soil in your eye' kohl
let me
there is lack of honesty in color of your lips
let me
there is few lost white hair among dusky night


I astonish you in thousand ways 
under dark trees of Adam
you free me among the lost hummingbirds of horizon

Stone & Seed

I was ready to nurture a lie hope beautifully
somewhere in chest region,
that a day the dead branch of sandal-tree will bloom too
a night burglar replaced the seed with stone


Like octopus's heart
I have three of them
one loves you
other hates
another is confused
I became insane desperately

So close

We are not that far baby
you are few fingers above my button
I am few fingers bellow,
You are wrapped with purity of spring
I am still with coldness of winter
see so close baby

Rocks of valley

Your arms are made of valley's rocks
I have fallen in
They've broken me into pieces,
Please, Borrow
little lotus's
more of four o'clock's


I prefer to be silver anklet of your white feet
rather than gold ring of your cursive finger.

City lights

City-lights is rude to me
what does it say?
I can't understand
do they speak of what?
do they speak of hope or desperateness
do they speak of immortality of love
or temporary of desires?
I can't understand
what do they say in darkness of night
are they doing act of someone/something to me
or their light is real and feel-able
city-lights is rude and stranger to me
in absence of you


For a while I have come out of hibernation
I thought emerald of spring is singing
the breeze of spring touching me
It was all mirage, nothing but phantoms of my deceptive thoughts,
see how nature's behavior is sarcastic to me
in absence of you,
again i went for hibernation by closing chapter of heart
and tearing sheet of mind

I don't know 

I don't know more 
only I know this that;
there is festival in heart
funeral in mind
After seeing you baby


Here is that I stop writing about you
now you are beyond imaginations
let figure out when you come back in

Balloon with roses

I send the flowers with letter by balloon to you
I don't know does the balloon know the way to you
I don't know could the balloon keep its air till end of trip to you
nor can promise that the balloon can resist against blowing gale to you
nor yet can promise that the balloon can't lose it's way by distraction of clouds to you
I don't know if any eagle burst the balloon and it might be fallen with roses and letter in it's nest
or if the balloon was burnt by sun's rays
or the wetness of rain diminish it's flying range
or the balloon couldn't reach you before the sunrise of horizon
despite of all the risks
I send it with my hand-written letter to you my beloved enemy.

Rose and Book

You the rose
I the book
You the fragrance
I the words

Drunkard of beauty

The Artist of universe
was two glass deep drunk
When He draw you

Sheet of music  

If you are not serious with my words
please, read my words - they are lyrics
perhaps your heart beats will be the music
together they will create the song of love;
through your eyes i might listen;
otherwise I am afraid of the time
when I will be appreciated as perching birds
as nightingale or starry night only

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Why should I say from light of horizon
to darkness of Bermuda
from heaven of God
to fiery hell of satan
from first look of Eve
to last look of Adam
why should I say all indirectly?
why I must make it complex to you
I don't want you to be in subtle imaginations
Just simply I say - I have fallen for you
for every bit of you
Please, be simple with me
I am pal
I am human
don't be there and there and again in there
be here and here agian in here

Rain or fuel

You have kindled the flame in me
whether be the rain for quenching
or the fuel for inflaming

Your dress

There was body in plenty
I chose your dress to smell instead
you are unaware of this purity of fire
in my chest

A day

A day i asked you for stone
you ashamed pearls of my eyes
that much I am fallen?


Always there is someone on a Springfield
but we won't let him to cultivate plant of love

Hands and feet

When I see you
I lose my hands in moon-dust of your beauty
and my feet under the shade of your hair

Let me

Let me cultivate
my feelings in form
of kisses on your skin
to prove the richness of soil

Butterfly and honeybee

One gives colors to my eyes
other sweetness in my throat 
I am confused for selection in between beautifully
one brings phantoms in my dreams
other brings naked beauty of hopelessness
for selection I am confused beautifully


I have shades only
the sun gives not
the moon too very often
can't you see my shade
its the same darkness of night
which embraces you every night

Birds of your heart

Birds of your heart 
made nest in loft of my heart
often i fed them nectar of my soul,
My birds just flew over your home a day
you made their feather your pillow 
after choking them


Today's weather is sad
why i feel such
am i grief collector 
or pain healer


Wine isn't the cause of my drunkard & frenziness
but with cup of tea
if you be my cup-bearer


It is hard to find you
specially when you are not there

Bestow me

Bestow me either your colors or aroma
as you wish
Bestow me the sight of my heart or sight of eyes
as you wish
Bestow me my heart back or give me your heart
as you wish
Take me to ocean of your beauty or i take you to seashore
as you wish
Take me away
I take you home
as you wish

Lies in your eyes

The day when i can't find you
I feel like i have to hide into dark forest,
under the bat's wings
I need to be hidden among the strangers
I want to travel with lost birds of horizon
the day when i can't find you

Wolf and rain...

I have nature of dog
don't go to wolf
come to dog
wolf brings tears
dog brings loyalty
I have nature of rain
don't go to flood
come to rain
flood brings wetness of dress
rain brings wetness of heart

Your sky

I know your sky is full of stars
I am here in dark cave of your imprisonment
no such sky with moon-dust such as yours
only when I miss you I rub my eyes
and see phosphenes

At my favor

Rain will be at my favor
blowing breeze will be at my favor
night is with me
day was with you
a lonely road without people
you with your umbrella unfavorable
I with untameable heart's flame and restlessness on other side
you with nervousness and heart beats
whether you hide from my look
from wetness of rain
how your umbrella is weak to hide you from both ( rain and me)
I see your innocence at your eyes
my cruelty at my heart
how your impatient fragrance needs me
how you can't forbid the wind that brings the fragrance of your hair to me
alas for you!
fest for me!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wild rose

She is the wild rose of heaven

with bit of hell fire
I am the gale of her journey to both

Path of your scent

Make path of your scent

I could travel to you
to ignore other millions of aroma
on the way

Come home

Pomegranates are ripen and got clefts

Roses got dew drops and fragrance
Dead trees got blossoms and buds
Come home
Again we have rain and thunder in hopeless sky
Again we have art of love
Come home

Make me butterfly

You might make me butterfly for the second meet,
if for the first meet
you have bestowed all these colors to my eyes

Sarcastic love

You envelope me with deception

I develop you from deception
what a sarcastic difference
love your disloyalty

What is love

Love is not pitter-patter of midnight torrent

nor patrichor at wee moments of dawn
nor yet the murmuring words of beloved eyes
Love can't feed a dead butterfly
nor it can heal the dead veins of lover's heart
not yet its evidence in doomsday for lover's heart pain
Love can't make the feather fly to the rainy sky
nor it can bring down it from rainy clouds
nor yet its the lie
nor the truth

flame of heart

One must have mind of thoughtlessness

and heart of flamefulness
to regard the melted part of heart in form of blood
since then its wandering in my body in search of you
it wants to get out by suicidal approach to you
One must have been soaked by torrent
to regard the sun-shower
One must have been kindled for a long time
to behold the fire in his chest
& bring mind's thoughts into ashes

For you

I am spending stardust to get sand
I am exchanging ocean pearls with river pebbles only
I am bestowing elixir and in return getting poison
Again why my heart is glad in plenty
I have come from gorges of heaven to your world of hopelessness
But again why my heart smiles

Red Apple

You are the splendor of red apple

the aroma of pressed marigold
you are the patrichor of dawn torrent
the presence of you is art of a child
the way i praise you
I am impolite

Hum of bee

You are the hum of a bee

the wee moments of universe creation
you are the rhythm of morning nightingale
the fame of butterfly
the art of my eyes
the changing colors of universe
the way i praise you
I am very impolite

The lost rose 

You are the lost rose of gardener

The shy smile of pal
the loneliness of starry night
the sandalwood tree among the dusky forest
I am ignorant
the way i praise you

Purity of sin

The purity of our sin is free from impurity of virtue

to extent of dark love
and shameful lust
even what i mean by this?
see how i am lost beautifully in your sinful love

Careless child

You are the careless and oblivious child on a bike
I am those fallen books from his bag unto the ground
among the shameful autumn yellow leaves

What do I mean

the flying phoenix

the running ogre
the invisible kindled flame in heart
and the undying love;
the barefooted moments on snow
the fake smile and lie hope in heart
sorry i can't elaborate 
even what do I mean

Imprisoned birds

Take hands off of your eyes

tame your hair
otherwise the birds of my heart
will be imprisoned forever

Your flowers & roots

I have fallen not only for your flowers
also for your roots;
you will see by the time when autumn comes
I won't be confused


I am the eagle 
I am free of limits of act
but again i will do act of parakeet for you


When I was dark
gravity was foe
now i am white
gravity is pal
I fall for you by nature
the time when i come to your edges

Moon dust

I looked to sky
it was starless 
then i found ground 
full of my pieces as moon-dust
but you never knew about


Dumb and damaged robot 
under leaf-less tree in season-less earth
then there the story began 
when I saw you